And ADs are not about just end-of-life care anymore.

The first tools like ADs focused on end-of-life care.  You may have heard of terms like “living will,” for example.  ADs take the idea of planning ahead and apply it to all areas of health care.  

There are three ways that you can control your future health care with an AD:

You can make decisions about your health care today…but what if in the future you were injured or ill and could not make those decisions?  

You can help your loved ones and health care providers by giving them details about what you would want and what you would not want.  That way, they can make decisions as close to how you would make them as possible.

An Advance Directive (AD) is a legal tool that you can make.  It is a type of “advance care planning” tool. You can use it to plan ahead for your own health care.

What is an AD?