Who can help people to fill out an AD in Virginia?

Previously, only attorneys and health care providers could help individuals complete ADs in Virginia. However, as of July 1, 2017, Virginia law also allows for “qualified advance directive facilitators” to help individuals to complete ADs. A qualified advance directive facilitator is any adult who has successfully completed a training program approved by the Virginia Department of Health (Va. Code §§ 54.1-2982, 2988.1).

Though an individual may choose to write an advance directive by his or herself, research and personal experiences have shown that advance directives are much more useful when created with the assistance of a facilitator. 

Why would I want to go through training to become an AD facilitator?

Facilitators are valuable because of their knowledge of advance directives and because they know how to stimulate conversation regarding the individual’s wants and needs in an unbiased way. Training programs teach the content of advance directives and reviews the interpersonal skills necessary for successful facilitating.

Because the training also includes an observation component, facilitators have the opportunity to practice their facilitation skills and receive feedback. You will feel more prepared and comfortable as a facilitator having gone through the training.

How can I sign up for facilitator training?

If you are an interested individual or a representative of an agency that would like to request training for a group, please contact:

Honoring Choices Virginia

Becoming an AD Facilitator