Virginia does not require much to make your AD a legal document.

Do I need to have a doctor sign my AD?

There is only one part that would need a doctor’s signature.  If you choose to give your agent the power to ignore your “No’s”, then you need a doctor’s signature for that part.

The doctor’s signature is needed because that part gives your agent a lot of power.  The law wants to make sure you understand the power, so it requires that you talk with a doctor about it.  Then the doctor signs to say you understand the power.

What Do I Need for My AD to be Legal?

Are copies of my AD legal?

Yes.  This is helpful to know because it best to make copies of your AD and give them to your agent, health care providers, and trusted loved ones.

All you need to do is:
Sign and date it yourself,
Have two adults witness you sign it, and
Have those two adults sign it to say that they witnessed you sign it.

You do not need:
To use a certain form,
Have an attorney write it, or

Get your AD notarized.