This website was designed to give you more information about Advance Directives.  But, there is no substitute for sitting down beside someone who can help you work through the process.

There are many people around the state of Virginia who have told us that they would like to (1) teach people about Advance Directives or (2) help them complete one.  These people are in a variety of different fields – some are attorneys and health care providers, whereas others may be staff at a consumer advocacy organization.  Some of the people on the map may not be able to help you complete the AD form itself because not everyone is allowed to be a facilitator.  However, they can give you more information about ADs so that you can make the most of your AD.  When you contact a person from the map below, he/she will be able to tell you how he/she can help you.

In order to connect you with someone close by who can help you with an AD, we have placed an interactive map of Virginia below.  Type your address into the search bar and the map will give you the name and contact information for a nearby individual who can help you with Advance Directives.

Active duty military members and Veterans

If you are a part of the military, please also be sure to talk to an attorney who is allowed to provide military legal assistance.  Because the Department of Defense has different requirements for an Advance Directive than the state of Virginia, you should be sure to talk to someone within the military. 

If you are a veteran, there are people in the VA Health System who can help you complete an Advance Directive. Please talk with your physician at the VA to be directed to someone who can help you with your AD.

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Finding a Facilitator