Finding a facilitator

There are many people around the state who have told us that they would like to (1) teach people about ADs or (2) help people complete ADs.  We have created a map with the contact information for people who can help you with an AD.  You can type in your address or zip code to find out who in your area can help.

What is AD Facilitation?

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To facilitate something means to help a person with a task or make it easier.  So, AD facilitation is when one person helps another person to complete an AD.

Does facilitation help?

Research shows that facilitation is, for most people, a very important part of completing an AD.  Some of the benefits include:

  • People who work with a facilitator tend to understand ADs better
  • Working with a facilitator helps people think through their reasons for treatment decisions
  • People who work with a facilitator are more likely to remember during a crisis that they have an AD
  • A lot more people successfully complete an AD when they work with a facilitator